Gangster Instagram Baddie Nails

Do you enjoy having your nails painted? If so, you won’t believe the latest Instagram craze, Gangster Instagram baddie nails designs. This style is all about giving your nails a gangster vibe with dark colors and strong designs. This manicure will draw attention if you want to spice up your appearance or simply want to try something new.

Baddie gangsta nails, which has more than a million followers, is a popular Instagram post. Instagram is a visual journal where users may see real-time updates from people all over the world. The Instagram post-Badass, which has more than 2.3 million followers, is the second most popular.

What Are Gangster Instagram Baddie Nails?

The nail art known as “Instagram Gangster Baddie Nails” is usually recognizable by its bold, distinctive designs. This form of nail art is generally inspired by hip-hop and streetwear cultures and frequently has vibrant colors and attention-grabbing patterns. The gangster Instagram baddie nail designs aren’t for timid people, but if you want to make a statement with your nail art, this is the style for you.

Gangster Instagram Baddie Nails – How to Get the Look

Part of the appeal of gangster Instagram baddie nails (let’s call them GBN for short) is that they take some skill to get right, but at the same time require no real tools or special knowledge beyond knowing how to apply nail polish, which should be a required skill anyway if you want to be on Instagram. If you like putting together outfits with lots of details, you’ll find it really satisfying to look at your nails and be able to tell what trend you’re following each day. Here’s how to get the look!

What You’ll Need

1. Depending on your size, use a small or large lid from a soda can. I’m using a large lid.

2. Paint one side of the can black and allow it to dry for at least five minutes before flipping it over and painting the other side of the can with an off-white or beige paint so that when you put your finger through, it doesn’t touch black paint.

3. With a stencil and color nail polish in white, red, pink, or any combo you want, draw images on one side of the can by dotting over each circle as if coloring in a coloring book but with dots instead of lines going across rows down your design area.

Step 1. Prep The Nail Bed

Before you can apply the Gangster Instagram Baddie Nail look, you need to prepare your nails. That means trimming and filing them so they’re all uniform in shape. Remember that one nail won’t stay perfect without its neighbors; neglecting to trim your nails will make all of them work harder, leading to chipping and breakage. We suggest filing in small, gentle strokes so as not to create any jagged edges which can catch on fabric and lead to scratches. After shaping and sanding your nails, then is when it’s time for some prep work. Its best practice is before painting anything else onto your nails or applying any product such as a base coat or top coat because getting access to the product on the desired art element may prove difficult.

Step 2. Apply Base Color

Paint your nails with a deep red color (such as Baby Lips in Homecoming). Let the polish dry completely before moving on. Paint your nails with a light pink color, such as Benefit Posietint Lip and Cheek Stain, or Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Black Dahlia. Lightly tap around your nail bed and cuticle using the deep red color again. Add another layer of that same dark red and let it dry for about thirty seconds or so. Finally, use the light pink color again and lightly drag over just the edge of your nail to get that radiated, sparkly look.

Step 3. Add Black Polish Gradient Design

First, prepare your nails by lightly buffing them and cleaning them with a nail polish remover. Next, apply a base coat, and then apply two coats of black nail polish. Allow it to dry before moving on to adding design and detail. Using a small brush or dotting tool, create dots at the top of each nail that gradually decreases in size as you go down the nail toward the tip. Use your brush to connect these dots by following along your natural ridges from left to right. Make sure there is no overlap where the two lines meet. Finish with an application of a clear topcoat for smoothness and a matte finish!

Step 4. Finish With Metallic Gloss

To get the final finish for your nails, apply two layers of clear gloss nail polish. Keep in mind that you can find metallic glosses in many different colors, so if you want an accent nail to stand out a little more, try pairing it with colorful glossy color. Once the gloss has been applied and dried, use one last layer of clear top coat to seal everything down and protect your freshly painted nails. With these few steps, you’ll be on your way to showing off those bad girl nails!

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