Importance of Joinpd for learning in 2022

Joinpd is an active online platform that allows users to attend official teacher presentations. “Joinpd” is functional software teachers and students can use to learn things. The teacher should make a presentation by logging in to their JoinPD account and sending the Peardeck Login Code to all the students. Or people who need to join from different places.

Let’s stay with us to learn more things about joinpd.

Significance of Joinpd

There has been a rise in the use of this presentation style in academic settings.

  • It lets you ask and answer questions in real time and is completely interactive.
  • It was made for universities, academies, and schools.
  • You can use and produce presentations whenever you want, distribute them to whomever you want, and give them the use you wish.
  • You only need a Pear Deck account and the code to select who may see the presentation.

freemium service of Peardeck

Pear Deck is a freemium service. Teachers and schools can contact various free tools. or subscribe to a premium account. Pear Deck combines slide presentations with interactive questions. It is entirely safe and cannot be hacked.

Peardeck defining features

It has a lot of features that can help teachers in a lot of ways. It’s a good way for the instructor to measure the student’s progress.

video presentation tool

Pear Deck is a video presentation tool that helps teachers by being easy to use. You can run any ap or website if you know how to use it. Educators have access to a comprehensive manual for using Pear Deck’s features.

Content Access: On Pear Deck, teachers can make presentations and upload videos for their students. The teacher will need presentation templates if he wants to build a lesson around a new topic. Pear Deck already has a library of templates that can be used for this purpose, so you don’t have to go anywhere else. You can look at it on the pear deck’s official website.

Training: Both new and experienced educators can participate in Pear Deck’s training session. This training is for teachers and administrators. There is pre-recorded webinars session that helps you to get started. These sessions include:

  • Pear Deck is an add-on for Google Slides.
  • Pear Deck sped up Google Slides.
  • Online Pear Deck presentation software

All the courses mentioned above are accessible to newcomers and more advanced students.

Active learning

Pear Deck is an excellent tool for engaging in active learning. When students engage in class discussion and hands-on practice, we call that “active learning.” Using a variety of games and exercises, Pear Deck keeps students interested and actively learning.

Students in a traditional classroom sit and take in the information. The group projects grew out of a more active learning environment.

Advantages of joinpd for students

  1. The live presentation is open to students and educators at no cost.
  2. The teacher creates the presentations and sends the links to the appropriate students via email.
  3. Additionally, it fosters a growth mindset and an appreciation for education amongst the student body.
  4. Students’ social norms are promoted as well.
  5. Students with a keen interest in this tool may be able to reach their objectives successfully.
  6. In response to the presentation, students can submit their answers.
  7. Joinpd’s ability prevents students from making changes to their responses after they’ve been presented withurse material.

Log in to joinpd as a student.

  • If you are a student and need help logging into Joinpd, read on.
  • Head to and sign in using your Google or Microsoft account.
  • Next, link your account with a cloud storage service like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.
  • To participate in the presentation, you must create an account on Peardeck join.
  • However, clicking the Join presentation button will cause Peardeck to generate a join code. Each student will have a unique joinpd code provided by a teacher. Each student receives an invitation via Gmail and Joinpd.
  • With the hope that students will have quick and straightforward access to the presentation.

How Do I Listen To a Presentation?

When a teacher uploads a presentation to JoinPD, the delegate is given a code that they can use to participate in the Q&A session with the class.

On the flip side, the teacher has the authority to restrict and manage the students’ actions.

Teachers’ favorite aspect of JoinPD is the tool’s ability to keep students from revising their responses after they’ve been submitted.

Closing Remarks

If you’re a teacher or student looking to collaborate on a presentation, Joinpd is undoubtedly the best software available. The American online education platform Joinpd provides many resources for educators and students.

Pear Deck is a fantastic resource for classrooms and students alike. Students learning abilities are boosted. We truly pray that this article proves to be helpful to you.


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